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Puncak steam bath

The first time I went to a steam bath place it was with two friends on 18th March 1978 while at Puncak. I realised "extra services" were bound to be on offer.

The girls (women) on offer weren't young and fresh, so it hardly mattered that I didn't have first choice. She was probably over thirty and well worn.

She led me to a cubicle with bare walls, a bed and scruffy mattress, a steam cabinet and a shower. I stripped off and she started a massage. I expected it to be useless and it was. She obviously hadn't been taught massage and she used too little oil so her hands didn't slip over my body easily. She was also rubbing my sunburnt areas.

I wasn't sure whether the "extra services" were supposed to be before or after the steam bath. After putting up with the pathetic massage for a while I decided that I'd get into the steam cabinet and think about the "extra services". I really didn't fancy the girl (woman) at all. Girls were best enjoyed in the comfort of a home with a girl you liked, in my view.

The steam itself was very relaxing, but my legs were too long for the door to shut properly and the foam cushion was too small so my thighs touched the hot metal. The woman disappeared for a while. I spent most of the time supporting myself on my hands. She came back every two or three minutes or so and eventually I said it was very hot, but she said "Not yet". Some time later I had had enough so she let me out. I had decided by then that "extra services" weren't for me on that occasion, so she gave me an assisted shower.

I gave her 2,000 rp plus (3) and a tip of 200 rp. Needless to say, I was first out and sat around waiting for the others. One of my friends said he had had a screw but didn't enjoy it at all. She had had a baby and showed him her milk which put him off.

The other friend seemed to be an age, but said he waited forty-five minutes before he went in. He didn't want "extra services" either. She told him she had been married but as no children had come, her husband had divorced her. Word would have got round that she was infertile and presumably she would never get married again so working in a brothel was one of only a few options open to her.

There was a large plunge pool outside the cabins in full view of the reception area. It was a cool evening and the water looked cold so none of us used it. I could imagine a group of lads jumping in it nude with the girls though.

We didn't go there again.

Horizon Hotel whirlpool

I soon found out that it wasn't a good idea to go out drinking with Australians. They often wanted to go on to a massage parlour, which were always shabby and sleazy.

It started off with a drink with J, a Brit from Hong Kong, in the Mandarin Hotel bar on 17th March 1979. He said D, an Australian, was coming later. D suggested we go on to the Horizon Hotel as the Hot Men bar didn't appeal to him.

It started badly as D started arguing with the car park man. The car park was full up except for some reserved places beyond a no entry sign which D drove straight through. D said "We're not going to the Horizon, we've come to see Mr Smith". He may have known a Mr Smith who had something to do with the running of the hotel, maybe not, but the car park man was not impressed. J was saying "No, No, we're not going to the casino". D said "We'll only be a few minutes". The man said the car park was only for office use. J latched on to this and said "We're going to the OFFICE, OFFICE, to see Mr Smith". D got quite heated and other men gathered round. I had visions of the knives coming out.

Eventually D realised we were outnumbered and beckoned us to get back in the car, but looked closely at the man's name card and threatened to report him to Mr Ciputra who ran the whole hotel and casino complex. He was a partner in the Mandarin Hotel project, a big fish. We eventually parked on the grass.

We went up to a dark, grotty room above the casino full of Indonesians and girls. I saw one of the hotel's joinery firm partners there, a rich young lad, and said hello.

It was obviously the foyer of a massage parlour. We chose girls and D managed to get us a VIP room where we sat on three sofas. There were sexy pin-up posters on the walls but nothing else. We had got there along a rabbit-warren of blank corridors with lots of doors. It was only a better waiting room though. Having sat down D insisted on having "The Whirlpool" which we were told was being used. Much later we were told it would be available in one hour. We just sat there with our drinks and the girls on our laps. They didn't speak English very well.

Eventually we were told it was ready, so we went to it. It was little better than a public toilet - cracked white mosaic tiled walls and floor with black joints. There were dirty mattresses on the floor either in the open or in open-sided alcoves. The whirlpool was a circular bath with two inches of cold water in it. We stripped off and fondled the girls, each of us erect. The girls, however, were on the phone asking how to turn the sauna on or looking under wooden seats or in cupboards for the taps that controlled the whirlpool while we were following them about with pricks up complaining about Indonesian inefficiency.

Eventually the bath started filling up and we got in, but the water was cool. After a bit of fooling around we got out and tried to get the sauna working but failed. J got his girl onto him while standing up but D said "Hang on, aren't you going to use a condom?" The girl opened the door and leant out totally nude and yelled for condoms. Meanwhile as the water filled up the whirlpool bath it seemed to get marginally warm so we got back in.

I was beginning to flag so I got out with my girl Rita and went into an alcove with her. She was younger than the other girls and quiet. D called her shy. Unfortunately when I got into a clinch with her I realised that her breath smelled which turned me off. The condoms we had been given weren't as slippery as Durex and eventually I gave up. I think it was the only time I can remember when I failed to make it with a girl.

When I got up D was going strong but J was "broken" as his girl Esse said. We stood around D who was on the floor trying to make it and we were saying "Hurry up, D". She also said my girl was "too young" as if she was apologising on the girl's behalf, but she was in fact quite pretty and I'm sure it would have all been OK if we had got on with it straight away.

The girls cost 10,000 rp each (8.50). In addition the bill for the room was 54,000 rp including 3 x 8,000 rp for the whirlpool and 3 x 10,000 rp for the sauna. D complained but the manager was disbelieving. D took the manager into the room and explained that the sauna never worked and the water was dingin (cold). I explained that the showers were rusak (broken). One was pouring water as the valve wouldn't turn off. The charge for the sauna was struck out.

Esse, J's girl, was a great girl though, very lively and a nice personality, all the time from when she was jumping up and down on J's lap with her dress half off beforehand to when she pranced around in the whirlpool covered in soap.