Stirling M's bog-in

Stirling M's second bog-in on Sussex Mountains on 10th March 1984
Stirling M, Ray K and Dave N

On Saturday 10th March 1984 we set out for San Carlos again, with some hope of going round the island this time. As well as Alan W, Tony R, Martin R, Jim L and Wickham there were some newcomers: Ray K, Stirling M, Pat C, Barry O and Dave N.

Up on Sussex Mountains Stirling M got bogged. No sooner had he been pulled out than he went in again worse than before. His rear end was right down and it was hard to shift.

I tried to get round to his front end to pull him out. I negotiated two difficult areas but got badly bogged about fifty yards from him and two landrovers wouldn't move me. After some digging and putting psp behind wheels Jim L decided on a "snatch" and yanked the tow wire so hard it broke off the towing eye.

Wickham's bog-in on way to help Stirling

Wickham's bog-in on way to help Stirling on 10th March 1984
Tony R and Barry O

The next day we ran out of time as we had done before. Although some didn't have much work to do on Monday, especially the M & E guys whose real work hadn't started, some of us did. We had a vote on the hill beyond San Carlos just after going through the rifle range. Four voted to go on, four to return and Stirling M said he would accept the majority verdict!. Since there wasn't a majority, we decided to return.

An added factor was that Ray and Stirling's landrover had got a badly bent trackrod so that the wheels were splayed out and it was already difficult for them to handle.

my bog-in at invisible gully

Wickham's bog-in at invisible gully on Sussex Mountains on 11th March 1984.
Well, can you see it? Dave N and Pat C (who was not amused)